Athena Post-Election Conversation PART 1: A Look Back and Look Ahead - Shared screen with speaker view
Paula Schlusberg
People have gotten quite excited about the number of Republican women elected to Congress — still low, but a big chunk for the Rs. What can we expect of them on some of the key issues for women — healthcare, civil & civic rights, immigration, employment equity, even climate change?
Barbara Insel
Just info for everyone, as I have CNN on silent: Trump’s lead in PA just fell under 80k votes
Umbreen Bhatti (she/her)
@Barbara, nail biter!
Barbara Insel
One piece of good news this year— many more young people voting, historically low % voting group.
Becky Liberman
You mentioned issues with the Democratic party. What about with the Republican party, given that they chose not to have a platform? What happens to the GOP if Trump loses?
Barbara Insel
Trump’s lead in GA is now barely 9k. Still 39,000 votes to counting, going70-80% Biden.
Madeleine Morales (she/her)
Hello! Thank you for your time. What do you think about 3rd party emergence during this increasingly polarizing time?
Barbara Insel
Would white working class men, who provided bulk of Trump vote, vote for a Marco Rubio or Nikki Halley? It was Trump’s in-your-face persona that they liked.
Karen V.
Given the patriarchal nature of the GOP, is it realistic to think that Nikki Haley could rise up as a Presidential candidate?
Becky Liberman
Umbreen mentioned misinformation/different facts. Is there anything that can be done to combat that?
Suzanne Berger
I’m not clear on your comment are Democratic candidates talking too much about choice or too little?
katherine j brewster
Given the white supremacist element of the right end of the Republican Party, please explain how Latinx and African American men are attracted to Trump? Seems like an inconsistency.
Daphne Philipson
Aren't many Hispanics just worried about "socialism"?
….especially considering that the dem candidate is likely to be Kamala
Emily Fahlsing
^^^ apparently that’s how Trump appealed to Latinx in Florida because of the many Cuban and Venezuelan Americans, who are apparently more conservative to begin with, but Trump just kept saying Biden was going to be taken over by the radical left etc etc
Barbara Insel
Hispanics from Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia — who are highly represented in Southeast US — are terrified of world “socialism’ — less so in Southwest, where they have been targeted by Trump supporters and local white supremacists…Also tend to be more middle-class.
Barbara Insel
SE Latinx tend to be more middle-class.
katherine j brewster
Under W. Bush, Connie Rice was first black, and, woman as secretary of state; and, Colin Powell, first black Secretary of Defense.
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Adele Chi
Thank you Emily!!
Judy Pryor-Ramirez
This was terrific! Thank you, Athena Center. Thank you, Emily and the 19th!
Athena Center
Thank you, Emily!