The 2020 Election: Defending Democracy and Voter Rights� - Shared screen with speaker view
Myrna Pérez
If my students don't remember Anderson/Burdick test, they're in trouble!!
Roy Pulvers
another big issue this year is county officials providing safe and adequate space for election observers to ensure transparency and accountability in the counting and certification processes. In the past, it often involved lots of people jammed into small indoor spaces. That is unsafe now and options like streaming and closed circuit observation are important.
Aditi Thakur
Thank you for hosting this! With all the electoral challenges that come with these unprecedented times, how do you foresee the night of November 3rd and the following day(s) playing out? Do you anticipate considerable delays and other legal battles (perhaps over voter fraud and the counting of absentee ballots) that may cast doubt on the integrity of the results more so than in normal times?
Mar Aguilera Vaqués
Good afternoon. Thanks a lot for such an interesting debate. I have been an electoral observer and expert for more than 20 years and in situations such as the one that you have for next US elections the situations have been very diverse. In some countries, such El Salvador or Ghana, the solution has been given through domestic observers. Many time organized through universities, students…
Sara Tofighbakhsh
hello Professors! Is the concern reported on in the press about the expiration of the 1982 consent decree preventing the RNC from policing “voter fraud” with “ballot security” intimidation tactics overblown? Or does the voting rights community anticipate increased intimidation tactics at polling stations? Or is this a minor concern under the circumstances?
Sneha Pandya
In the meantime - here’s a place to donate to pay off fines and fees of returning citizens in Florida (through the org that advocated for Amendment 4, FRRC)! https://wegotthevote.org/finesandfees/
Samantha Daisy
Thank you!
Jillian Williams
Thank you!!